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    Skills are essential. Mindset is critical. If you want to survive in this rapidly changing marketplace, you need to shift your mindset and learn to become more comfortable with the sales and marketing process! If you resist the process, it just means you have not found a way that feels right for you. It’s no longer a good excuse for not reaching your sales goals. You can accelerate your sales!

    Accelerate Your Sales!
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    Convert More Sales With Social Media

    Combine the mighty power of social media with a great sales and marketing strategy. Social media is a powerful tool to attract leads and clients. However, if you are unable to successfully convert those leads into paying clients, you will waste time and money. Start your “social media challenge” today! Learn what to do, where to start and what to say to attract, connect and convert leads into sales and profits.

    Close Sales Using Social Media
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    Selling and Marketing Have Evolved!

    When was the last time you took an up-close and personal look at your sales and marketing approach? Is it old-school, tired or outdated? Do you sell and sound like everyone else in your industry? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Today’s consumer has radically adjusted how they buy, shop and conduct business. Have you adjusted the way you sell and market to them?

    Update Your Skills Now

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Past Clients

Selling Success Testimonials

Liz Wendling blew me away! I was an audience member as part of a fitness conference, and honestly was just expecting a “run of the mill” sales consultant to start talking when she stepped on the stage. Well Liz is far from “ordinary!” Not only does she have a huge depth of knowledge and experience base, but she actually knows how to be a speaker, and present her information in a way that is impactful, clear and incredibly witty. I learned quite a bit in the just the couple hours I had with her, and that is rare for me to say after having attended many sales trainings. I will definitely attend more training from this super talented professional!

I was impressed with Liz’s knowledge of the sales process and the case studies of the many people who benefited from her assistance. I’ve been in the marketing field for over 20 years and I understand the sales process, but since I’ve started my own consulting business, I realized that I needed some guidance on selling the value of my own services. Working with Liz has been amazing. During our sessions we talk about how best to connect with people and have them understand my value without sounding like a pushy or salesy “sales woman!” Liz has taught me to feel more confident in relating the value of my business to my clients, and knowing when and how to close the sale. And I’m seeing results! I’m happy I made that investment and would highly recommend her to those who want to see their business grow.