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Liz Wendling

Sell Confidently, Engage Authentically, and Close Fearlessly!


Contact me to discuss your specific marketing and sales goals and business needs. Together we will identify any roadblocks, map out a personalized blueprint and create the sales systems you need to achieve your revenue goals.

If you want to make a difference in your business, you can. All you need to know is where to start, how to get moving and what to do to stay moving. It does not have to be hard. The most difficult part is making a choice to invest in yourself.

I work with professionals all over the world on how to market their product and services and sell themselves and I can teach you too.

My Top 5 Principles and Coaching Philosophy:

#1 Your level of accountability determines your level of success. Make money… not excuses.
#2 Your marketing and sales discomfort is optional. You do have a choice in how uncomfortable you stay.
#3 Avoiding marketing and sales are not optional. They keep your business alive and healthy.
#4 Embrace change and take charge. Change is an opportunity to grow and prosper.
#5 Life and reasons will always get in the way.  There is no good reason not to try.


Liz Wendling

Cell: (303) 929-3886


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